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Wilkinson Ranch Inc

Bulls can be seen at the farm: From DeSmet - 8 miles west, 3 miles south on 425th Ave, 1/4 mile west on 211th St.

Sale location will be at the DeSmet Event Center  705 Wilder Lane SW  DeSmet, SD 57231

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Black Angus Yearling Bulls

DVAuction Sale

 Monday February 13, 2023

Selling: 80 Yearling Bulls & also 90 Open Yearling Heifers


Selling Sons of Leading Wilkinson Ranch Sires & These AI Sires with Carcass Genetics & Finishing Ability a Must

KCF Bennet Summation * 44 Brigade *  DB Iconic G95

EXAR Grenade * 2XL Bronc 8153 * EWA Ascend 7306

 Wilkinson Ranch Transformer Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Outright Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Sonic Sons

Wilkinson Ranch Rampage Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Enhance Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Bubs Sons

Wilkinson Ranch Commando Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Epic Sons * Wilkinson Ranch Inertia Sons

​​All of the bulls have been genetics tested and have been Zoetis HD 50K tested. 

DNA markers, providing the most reliable genomic predictions today.

  • Bulls can be kept free at the ranch until May 1, 2023
  • All Bulls will be semen tested
  • Pay when you pick up your bulls
  • Registration papers available upon request
  • No returns of bulls for any reason