Wilkinson Ranch Inc



     Wilkinson Ranch Angus roots trace back to the fall of 1976.  Bill and his brother, Ed, purchased the complete registered Angus herd from the Veith Brothers of Huron, SD.  Eileenmere and Marshall bloodlines were some of the more prominent pedigrees in the herd at that time.

     The Wilkinsons continued a practice the Veith Bros used at that time, having a bull sale of two year old bulls at the Bales sale barn in Huron, SD.  The Wilkinsons continued this for about 8 years.  Our families and farming operations were expanding, so we discontinued the bull sales for a few years.  Bill and Ed decided to each have their own cow herds and Bill and family continued the Registered Angus herd.  After a few years, we had a lot of inquiries about bulls, so we began selling registered angus bulls.

     Today, Bill, Mary, son Dan and Mark, with the help of our daughter, Vicki Dylla (the rock star of our operation), sell yearling bulls, selected from our 1,000 registered Angus cows.  Starting in 2018, we will not be doing our usual private treaty sale.  Instead, we will be switching to a DVAuction sale format.  We feel this is the next step to take forward.

     Our emphasis is on a great momma cow with strong maternal traits, structured correctness, and stability in the herd.  Our bulls are a strong balance of maternal, growth, and carcass traits, while keeping in mind that a live, healthy calf is most important of all.

     Our cows are the life blood of our ranch and are not pampered.  They are expected to bring in a calf that is approximately 50% of their body weight by weaning time.  Each year we keep 200+ replacement heifers for our herd, and yearling bulls for our sale.  We finish the remainder heifers and steers, and sell them on the grid.  In 2013, we had the heifers grade 48% prime, with very few yield grade 4's.

     Our bulls will help improve your cow herd and calves if you keep them for replacement, sell off the cow, or finish them.  All of the bulls have been genetics tested and have been Zoetis HD 50K tested.  The new HD 50K for Angus provides MVP's on 16 traits using more than 50,000 DNA markers, providing the most reliable genomic predictions today.

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